4 general data indicators product manger can pay attention to

As a product manger, sometime I need to look into different data indicators in order to see whether users like new features or changes or not. So I like to talk about some indicators that I think are most helpful.


Daily Active Users (DAU) to Monthly Active Users (MAU) Ratio is a great measurement to see how often users engage with the product and from this ratio, product manger can see if your product is “health” or not and come up with new strategy.

DAU/MAU↓, DAU↓ –> This usually means Old users are more active but the amount of new user is declining.

DAU/MAU↑, MAU↓ –> This usually means that product core feature is no longer liked by user or your competitors are stealing your user.

DAU/MAU↑, MAU↓ –> This usually means non-core users are leaving the product so this is time to think about how to extend with related new features.

DAU/MAU↓, MAU↑ –> This usually means lots of new users are coming because of operation activity but they are not really staying and of course not active. So you should dig into more about the core feature and design that would let them stay.

DAOT/AT(Daily Avg.Online Time) and DEC(Daily Engagement Count)

Excepting for a few simple tool product or some financial product , this two indicators could tell you about if your core users are engaging in your product. If this two indicators are consistently dropping or suddenly declined, then you should be worried about your product.

New Users Conversion Rate

This is a really helpful indicator that could help product manager to see the conversion rate of registering and logging process for new users, which would be always neglected by many product mangers. To monitor the conversion rate of each registering and logging page, as product manager you can know where the users get lost and confused or if they understand your product core feature in the way you want.

Those are the four general data indicators that I think are really helpful. Of course those are not the only data indicators as product manger should care about. One more thing, always mark the user resources, by doing that, you can know where your most “valuable” come from so that you can dig deeper into their demographic and needs, which can always provide insight about how you can make the product a better one.