academic projects

VR Safety training

During this semester, I’m the product manager and producer of a VR safety training project team.

Our team utilize cutting-edge VR technology to provide an immersive and interactive safety training experience to our client Reach Wireline. By simulating job site scenarios and potential hazards with realistic graphics and interactions.

overall design

The overall design is to split the whole working flow into different zones based on the location and put training task into those zones. The guest(trainee) could see if s/he finish the whole training by looking into the map. The trainer is able to see the result.

mind mapping

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Building Visual World (BVW) class project

During BVW class, student create games/experience in a one/two weeks round with 4 or 5 new teammates using hardware including HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, XBOX Kinect and other devices to make VR/AR immersive gameplay or storytelling experience. There were totally 5 rounds.


For the first round, our team used two weeks in making an one player immersive VR game. Our topic is helping others, so in the game, the guest should use their feet to step on ants in order to protect the baby’s to his mother. The platform is HTC Vive.

I was the producer of the team. Besides, I designed the interaction of the gameplay and modeled the female character and part of the environment.


physical prop

interaction map


For the second round, our team used two weeks to finish a one play MR experience with Magic Leap and physical prop. Our topic was using indirect control to make a game or experience which was easy for a naive guest to understand.

I was the producer of the team. I designed the interaction map of the game and also did prop making and 3D modeling.


teammate missions stories

For this round, our team had one week to deliver a short and fun game. We made one running competition game using XBOX Kinect.

I was the producer of the team and I also did the level design and the modeling of the block and the environment.



playtest feedback

3D modelling

For this round, our team made a VR interaction experience based on a true story using HTC Vive index. Our topic was storytelling with the platform we chose. Our team created a story that a brave pilot save the day.

My role in the round was interaction designer and 3D artist. I designed how the guest could do during the experience and arranged playtest. Also I modelled some of the world using Maya.


For this round, our team were give three weeks to make a game that would be suitable for festival event therefore we made a two players cooperated VR game.

In our game, one player is wearing the VR headset and explore a tunnel world where he need to destroy obstacles and collect valuable objects. The other player is watching a screen and charging the weapons which the player with headset uses. Also the player needs to watch the screen and tells the another player when there are enemy behind him or her. Basically two players each have some information the another does not have and in order to win the game two players have to communicate with each other and share information.

My role in this round was providing the main game design and interaction. Also I modeled the obstacles and car in the tunnel. For this round, in order to make two player feel fun to play, we iterated the game play for several times and using playtest to finalise the level design.