academic projects

communication Interaction design project

CUI for Autonomous Vehicles

In this class, me and my team had one assignment which was to design an “interact face” for a self-driving car. We design one short scenario and used Voiceflow to create the CUI

heinz college Project

Project Management Class Assignment

Fall 2020

This was the class project I did singly during fall 2020 semester for my elective from Heinz college. During this class, I practiced MS Project and MS Visio and used them to re-organize one project I had worked with before.

I went over from the Executive Summary to Work Break Down and Critical path. Go here if you want to know the detail works

ETC Projects

Room-scale XR Game

Fall 2020

Our team utilized Edge Computing and Unity AR technology to create and explore highly interactive XR game that could be a showcase for Edge Computing in a conference.

I was the product manager and producer of a XR game design team. I layout the basic concept and interaction design. Besides, I helped the team communicate with client and transferred the client’s vision into tasks that the team can work with.

The Project website>

VR Safety Training

Spring 2020

Our team utilized cutting-edge VR technology to provide an immersive and interactive safety training experience to our client Reach Wireline. By simulating job site scenarios and potential hazards with realistic graphics and interactions.

I was the experience designer and producer of a VR safety training project team. Also I helped with 3D modeling .

The Project website>

Building Visual World

Fall 2019

Utilized different hardware to create VR/AR and immersive gameplay in a 1-2 week sprints with 4 or 5 new teammates during the semester. Honed communication, teamwork, product/game design, documentation, character, and environment modelling.

I was the experience/game designer and 3D artist during through this class.